New Model Reel has been created, Still a lot of the old work missing, but currently I'm pretty time limited (Most of the newer stuff has been done on weekends)..

So the old reel is still valid (will be replaced during this year)

Reel is a bit old (from 2008) , and features heavy compression and a low resolution.
Will be replaced with a new version as soon as possible

Most of the content (except for some textures used and the original video sequences) by me. CG mostly done in Lightwave
(Except for the compositing and physics simulation, wich were done in blender at that time). Plus the free voodoo camera tracker.

Ok here is a little breakdown of the clips:

Due to the lack of ressources at that time, this reel has been mainly done in Lightwave (80%) and blender (compositing and physics simulation)
And Gimp + Photoshop Elements as 2d application (with one exception)

nothing to say about it

Botwar sequence
The whole sequence (excluding modeling the main characters) has been done in a week textures by me and various online reposetries


Neuhausen Bureau complex
100% Lightwave,  done on 4 days. Reference was a  mixture between floorplans and a wood model see gallery for some day shots

4 familes house
complex done in LightWave in 4 days, based on floorplans wich were provided.

City Scene
Includes some cars from online reposetires and self mdoeled cars, biggest hurdle was to get this thing into a 32 bit machine, and to quickly populate the scene

Composite & Matepainting
Definitive the lowest part in the reel, all done in LigtWave and Blender and voodoo camera tracker Background clips are not by me.

Dunner ship launch
LightWave modeling and rendering

Temple approach sequence
Ships all done in LightWave, Matepainting in the back is a combination of photoshop elements and Vue The sound was rendered by my old toxic audio plugin wich did feature the doppler effect

Dunner crash sequence
Using morphs for the main body deformations, and a small plugin I've wrote at that time to bake the ship elements to a certain timeframe (..and hand animating the elements after contact) Clipper will be more promiently featured in the next reel.

Hangar Sequence
Using blender for projection painting, wich was quite some pain at that time. One of the first times I used both software at the same ratio

Projected some Elements on a basic shape, baked the projection and modeled the parts, all in Lightwave Nowadays this would be a good candidate for a blender redo

Ship In Nebula flyby
Some rough matepainting mixed with some hypervoxels. Texture on the ship was using the mechmake program wich creates those kind of maps in no time (Basic functionality of the application was redone in substance designer a few months ago

Mobile tank vehicle + tracking
All except for the original Video done by me. One week execise. Tracked with voodoo camera tracker, Modeled and rendered in Lightwave and composited in blender

Water village flythrough
Some experiments with hair in Lightwave

Shopping Cart crash
Modeled in LightWave, simulated in blender and rendered in Lightwave, a lot of time was invested in piping those two applications together

Enviroment Rebuild (industrial hall)
This was actually done in LW at that time, today I would do it in other programs for obvious reasons.

Alien Hallway rebuild
One of these, "Redoit and learn something" projects, this time it was about lighting...

Character Animation
Defintive the weaker parts of the reel

Play with death project
halted (or better said stoped), was one of my first experiments in Character Animation

Elevator Sequence
All done by me, still like the lighting of it, the rest is meh

Scifi City
Again this was on a 32 bit with 2gb of ram experiment, contains various stuff: Depth based compositing (multiple elements rendered) own greeble plugin and the mechmake application for texturing...and yes it looks muddy and ugly..and compression does not help either.

Shipwreck Underwater
Will redo this in the next reel completely in Blender, I like the perspective.... Originally done in LightWave and Blender for some sculpting work, you can't see in the clip :)

Cloth Falling
Playing with clothes and in camera modeling (blender). Rendered in Lightwave

Robot fight scene
I took a random clip from the net, and Animated the splotchbot on top of it. Then I backed out the tracked clip in LightWave on a projected spherical background Used all of these images to average combine them in a single image with a basic program I've written at that time. This would be used to create some kind of clean plate wich was again rendered out. Then I've rotoed out the other fighter and tried my best to match those two (static backplate and roto). Rotowork was done with a demo version of Photoshop.

Helicopter Takeoff
Again everything by me, including the hdr used to light/reflect the scene

Mini through Window
Fun Project, again everything you see is done by me, Mini wasn't that highly detailed and "lives from the texture"

Fluid Sim
Using my own little plugin to natively read blender fluid files into LightWave I rendered this sequence. Might do public FlipFluid version in future. (Wich needs a SSD first)

Again a "pick a random video on the net" and make something out of it. This time rotoscoping was done using blenders bezier shapes and Hooks to them...the old way of doing rotoscope in blender... (I still think it would be cool if they would have added feathering (including opengl view) to the shapes instead of creating rotoshapes..would have open a hudge box of possebillities in that area. Yes rotoing in blender is pain, but I learned a lot in doing so

Submarine Underwate Sequence
Nothing noteable. Might become a bigger project in future

I like this model, its heavily inspired by the "spacepatrol orion" ship.Will also be featured in the intro of the next reel

Tessendorf Ocean
Took the original code of the HOudini Tessendorf ocean and made an Image Filter Plugin out of it. It was slow, and the sequence had to be rendered in one pass (or at least the image sequence. Drops on Lense were done in blender compositor.

Title Backgrounds
Well nothing big can be said about these, LightWave and Blender were used for these

Details can be found here

Splotchbot run
Not that much to talk on on this one, I liked how the Mac Texture looked on the tv model I've created..Done in a day

Destroyed Cityscape
Also for the splotchbot project

Hall with 2CV
MY 4th car I ever did in LightWave, Nowadays I would use blender for it, due to some design choices they amde

Still like the concept behind it, will do a more detailed version of it in my next reel...and maybe a tutorial on this in future


Thanks for watching