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 plugs gamma    
LW Gamma Math node to correct your color scalar etc input the easy way
plugs br2lw2    
Update to the experimental braw reader / using the1.4 braw sdk
plugs fpb 06    
Refined the keying algorythm, added a new color correction method,
reintroduced the fade slider.
plugs fpb 05    
Revamped the Plugin for multithreaded evaluation
plugs fs    
Experimental plugin dealing with frequency separation in fusion
plugs fs02    
Update to the frequency separation plugin, wich is now multithreaded, features separate output of the high and low frequency pass and an
additional linear light blend node.
plugs fpb 04    
Small update to the keying algorithm, Results should be better controleable.
plugs fck8    
Highly experimental, work in progress implementation of a channel keyer for fusion
plugs dng4lw 02    
Adds support for DNG/cinemaDNG in LightWave
Update: Fixed some maximum bit depth issues. Wich results in similar luminance values.
plugs gif    
Basic GIF file reader for LW 2015
plugs br2lw    
Experimental proof of concept blackmagic raw reader for lw.
plugs dng4lw    
Adds support for DNG/cinemaDNG in LightWave
plugs tfs    
Getting into AE Plugin programming, this proof of concept exports
closed Masks from After Effects into fusion
plugs fpb8 11    
Fixes a problem wich generates illegal composites under windows 10 pro. All plugins have been updated. Please use the new versions if you
encounter any problems
plugs ag    
Updated the open source plugin from DCG to run under lw2018
Didn't test it that much hence the crash icon
 plugs 3ln update2018    
New version of the 3 little helper nodes for LightWave 2018
plugs p2o    
Experimental commercial plugin wich extract a polygon of a mesh, aligns it to world coordinates, and applies the transformation as an object value
plugs ft    
Very experimental proof of concept prototype:
Lets you interactively set the focal distance and view the area wich
is in focus.
plugs ft com    
Commercial version of the plugin and a updated version of the
free version has been released
plugs p2p 1 2    

Due to a request I added an option to make the first point of a strand a one point polygon, wich makes it easier to select / edit further

plugs m2c 64    
Motion to curve has been updated to lw version 10 / a 64 bit version has been added
plugs p2p 64    

Since I was already at it, I also added a lw10.0 64 bit version of this
plugin to the archives. No other fundamental change.

plugs sm    
Master plugin wich will sends a slack message if a render sequence / frame is rendered
plugs uvp    
Tool for projecting the vertex psoition of an object in any 3d view
to an uv map
plugs cUV2 modo    
Modo version of the UVcopy plugin. Compiled with 902
plugs cUV2 maya    
Maya 2014 version of the uvcopy plugin
Highly experimental
plugs cUV2    
Small UV screenshot plugin for modeler and as for version 2
also for layout. Now featuring individual image sizes.
plugs skW    
Modeler plugin, wich calculates and assigns weight maps to
skelegons. Genoma compatible
 plugs transpack update    
A LW 11 (32/64bit) version of the transformation package has been added.
 plugs psil    
Not a free plugin:
PSIL is an internal plugin created for matepainting purposes.
This page will only demonstrate some of its features
Small screenshot plugin for layout for windows 7
 plugs masterslider lw11        
Update of the Master Slider Plugin for lw 11.0
Making some essential changes so it actually works with this version.
plugs cUV    
Small UV screenshot plugin for modeler
plugs ImgSeek    
The most boring plugin ever: Lists all surfaces wich contains a certain image.
plugs inst2points        
Lightwave layout modeling plugin
to bake LW own instances (world coordinates) into a new object as a point cloud.
plugs n2p    
Modeler tool wich loads a scene file to convert all null objects into a point cloud.
plugs keybake    
Bakes the motion of an object either in local or world coordinates
plugs svg    
Very simple and rudimentary svg importer based on nanosvg
plugs svge    
Experimental svg exporter plugin
plugs fusion tonemap    
Second ever created fusion plugin, therefore experimental
plugs fusion panoblur    
First ever created fusion plugin, therefore experimental
plugs tm8    
Fusion 8.2 of the tonemap plugin released
plugs fpb8    
Panoblur for Fusion 8.2
Not ready for rerelease yet. Just for doing some of the layouting stuff etc....
Complete new (and final ?) version, Features faster and better (openGL based) preview, autoupdate and a special highlight called "QuickHisto" Also the 9.2 version of render2imagefp has gained some speed improvement
3 Layout Tools for Layout for easier positioning.
toxic audio is an implementation of OpenAL for LightWave
This plugin allows you to use its basic spacial rendering functionallity inside of lightwave3D.
experimental pixel filter wich allows you to do additional object shading
(like applying another texture to the object )
Those plugins allow you the native support of Blender FluidSim files
inside Blender. (english tutorial)
Imports .mot files in modeler and creates a curve.

Imports particle pfx files into modeler as 2 point poly chains.

 plugs bf crashwin7    
Notice: If you encounter stability problems with this plugin and win7, please launch lw in vista compatibility mode. This should sort out problems