nbanner braindump
plugs spectrum    
Converted my old Nikon D40 into a "full spectrum" camera
plugs model    
WIP modeling exercise, trying to convert most of the spaceship
modeling techniques to a different program.
plugs retopo    
This is a workflow test / self training. Getting a  photometric scan to a retopolised model, and see how far I can get it.
plugs fh    
Designing and printing a Rectangular filter holder for my camera harvesting a cheap chinese filter set
plugs lightdump2    
Second commercial release of various hdr images of some lights
plugs tfs    
Modeling method I discovered some years ago, wich is my go to method for stuff you normaly would do with curves
plugs bioprint    
During my printing experiments I designed some stuff for my microscopy hobby.
plugs gal    
Releasing my 2006 model of the original Galactica
plugs feasibility02    
Second workflow test I discovered while playing with the smart coloring option in krita and transfer it to blender. Still wip
art feasibility01    
Workflow test I allways wanted to make: real life sculpt and
transfer it to a rigged mesh
ricoh washingmashine    
First of a possible series of hdri images I'll release under
creative commons license. Shot with a ricoh theta s.

plugs voynich    
plugs tunnel    
Conversion of a blender tutorial by Aidy Burrows to LightWave
Scene file included
plugs mm1    
mechmake dump is a small collection of images of stylistic mechpanels wich might help you, for creating your scifi themed objects
plugs lightdump    
Experimental commercial release of various hdr images of some lights