This is a selection of work I did in the past. Some commercial stuff can't be shown due to NDAs. I also start to move some projects to artstation wich can be found here:

Snow Conversion

For a very well known travel brand I had to do some summer to winter conversions.

Point is, most hotels do their images on a nice summer day, forgetting that they do have winter customers.... and since those catalogues are done in autunum, there is no way to quickly go out and reshoot the stuff.

Since this usually noticed when the catalogue is close to print there is little to no time fixing this... luckily those images are very small (a few centimeters wide) so the conversion has not be that 100% realistical, For all 3 images i needed 1.5 days.



Again a non 3d project, this time creating "find me's" for a tv station. This is a selection of images I did during that time.

The idea is to find the faces and errors in those images, due to the nature of television those have to be more obvious than you would see them on a traditional pc monitor.  (Especially since those are not allways shown in full screen).
Images itself (image and fitting faces) came from a payed stock image site,.
Did those on half a weekend. Most of the time is invested finding nice images and fitting faces for them.

Original image sizes are around 1000x1000 to 2000x2000px

Fun little project.


Ebnat 65

A weekend Job for netfactory, displaying the rebuild of a industrial hall to a small loft,
in a simplified / schematic look. Edit: the GI was baked into images / further edited to
shave of some render time.



Visualisation of a office complex, wich was actually never build


posseidon ressort

These images were published in several magazines.



 Rooms and Landscapes


Character and Objects

This section contains several wich do not fit  in any other categories



Not that much of a Car modeler, but sometimes I quickly slap together some models
(Most of the times 1-2 days for modeling and rendering).



The obligatory scifi themed section, (its a 3d modeler obligation...don't ask :)



Stuff I quickly slapped together, Sometimes I like an idea or an output.


Alien Head experimental one day exercise

Played a bit with kritas smart coloring. After that I decided it would be a nice modeling exercise.
Longest time was invested creating the base / bake mesh. The main objective from this project was to
come up with something presenteable after a fast sketch, and transfer those into a more or less
accurate representation in 3D.

I also used it as an texture paint exercise.


Logo and other 2D stuff

These are some ideas I followed during the years, normally I don't post that stuff, since it might be useable in future.


From thme to time I do some photo stuff. these are a few selected images...will only update this section sporadically.


First Photosafari: Brewery

First time I participated in a group photoshooting in a local brewery.


Infra-Red Photos

Managed to do a full spectrum conversion of my old unused camera, This is a changing selection of images I do

All of the following Panoramas are downsized and tonemapped versions of the original HDR Panoramas

There are several reasons they do differ in quality: first of all shooting in the forrest
is a stitchers nightmare (especially when wind comes into play, also for some I didn't bothered that much with further editing, since I needed them fast to build up a lightning reflection library with additional plates


PanoTitle scb

PanoTitle scb

PanoTitle scb

PanoTitle scb

PanoTitle03 eurostreet2

PanoTitle EuroStreet

PanoTitle Downhill

PanoTitle Downhill

PanoTitle Downhill

PanoTitle Schwarza02

PanoTitle Schwarza02