This tool helps you to generate lightsmith sets.
Be aware that this program is still in its experimental stages.

LS screenshot

lightsmith interface

Menu Options
File New LightSmith Deletes Current Lightsmith from ram, sets all parameters to default
File Open LightSmith Opens a Lightsmith file
File SaveAs LightSmith Saves current Lightsmith, if it is the first time you save it, a directory has to be chosen for storing the ls files
Options - Open Config Opens the config panel, at least one export directory has to be chosen before working with lightsmith
Info About Versioning and credits

Header Options
Name Name of the whole Lightsmith set, Required
Icon File The icon file (Required) for identification purposes, You can generate an icon file from the loaded image file by pressing the Generate Icon Button
Author You
Location The location you shot the Lightsmith
Comment Comment line, ideal for placing informations like type of light, intensity etc
Link Link to the creators homepage

Lightsmith individual settings
LSName Name of the current Lightsmith
Image File Main image (hdr) of the set.
Mask File Transparent mask for the image file. Generate Mask will create an aproximate image file
Width / Height Texture dimensions of the LS-set. "Auto Texture Size" will set this value to the bounding box of the object file.
Area Width / Height The actual size of the lamp. "Auto Area Size" sets the size in relation to the texture size.
Light Color and Multiply  Light Color and its intensity, "Auto Light" will set this value based on the image used
 Object File  The actual object wich is used by the image and mask texture. "Generate Object" will generate a simple mesh wich is based on the actual shape and the texture dimensions.
Object Frame Additional object, reflection standin with additional lamp detail. (eg a lamp stand). This object is only currently only defined by a color, not a texture
Frame Color The surface color of the object frame
Scale The overall scale of the whole Lightsmith set
Shape Area Light Shape. Also used for the "Generate Object" option

Quick and dirty Workflow:
1. Add Image File
2. Set as much parameters, as possible, (item shape, names, location, author and last but not least the texture size)
3. Use all autogenerate buttons to fill in the values
4. Save the LS set
5. import your Object File in the 3d program of choice, use it as a reference to model the frame object
6. load the frame object into your lightsmith set and save it again.

 LSdownload win32    LSdownload win64