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simple blackmagic raw reader for Lightwave 2015 and above. CPU decoding only...will add GPU if there is commercial interest in it.

ATTENTION, this plugin is in dire need of a recompile, had some crashes with BMPCC6k footage.


Updated the plugin to use the blackmagicRawSDK 1.4, for support of 6K footage. Please be ware that you have to replace the BlackmagicRawAPI.dll in your bin folder also. Not much testing has gone into this release except from some of the aviable footage on the blackmagic site.

- Put the BlackmagicRawAPI.dll into your lightwave bin folder
- Put the tibe3_brawReader_64.p into your plugin folder and add it in LW
- Load a .braw file, you need to switch the extension to *:*
  if you want to display it in the file requester you have to add
  *.braw to the "FileType Images" extensions in the LWconfig file

- Since I don't have a braw capable camera at hand (and currently can't justify to buy one)
I had to rely on the test files provided by blackmagic. There might be some memory leaks, but I could not
detect one in the short period of time I've tested it.
- This is a proof of concept. I won't develop it further until I need it,
or people are willing to support its development.

(c) 2019 by chris huf. Use it at your own risk.

Uses the blackmagic rawSDK for reading the files provided by Blackmagic Design PTY LTD




plugs download br2lw

plugs download br2lw