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After finishing the braw support in LightWave, I wanted to know if I could get a cinemaDNG format working, since my current
camera only supports this format. With the help of libraw I came up with this plugin.
But I must say it has its issues, wich can be viewed in this video:


Tested it only with a raw sequence of my Camera....will look into other footage as soon as I find the time.

As you can see, performace is a big hinderance to use it effectively. The color space is now linear meaning that you get similar result to what you get in BMD Fusion when you tick the remove curve option in the loader. Its not 100% here, but very close it seems the dngreader gamma is off
Here is a comparison of both versions with the smae grade

Memory consumtion is also high..although I did some comparisons with Fusion and it is compareable...but this is an isse I might get worked out in next releases

LightWaves native TIFF plugin recognizes the dng file but throws out an error. In my tests the dng plugin got executed before the tiff plugin, so there shouldn't be an issue. But be aware of that.

- Copy the libraw.dll in LighhtWave bin folder and the plugin to your plugin folder
- Add the plugin in Layout
- Load an image / image sequence in the Image editor,  As said the image comes in linear color space, so you have to change the Display color space to sRGB, or whatever color space you are working

DEV post mortem

Not sure what to do with this thing: Might have some future potential, but since raw is a minefield for itself (For example I tested .ari support in libraw wich was a failure) and in most cases you are better of using fusion or after effects for converting your raw footage first , so you don't have to face such hudge process times, its usage is pretty limited (not to mention having some advanced import functions). 

 Thinking further I might release the source of it (after some code cleaning) others can expand on.

UPDATE v.02:
Fixed some bit depth error I had in the code. Luminance value of a raw imported in fusion and this plugin do now match much better without tweaking, but colors are still off. Not sure if this can be solved.


plugs download dng4lw

plugs download dng4lw