New website up
After a long time working with my own custom joomla version, I decided its time to give it a slight overall
(Especially for working with bigger resolutions

Please be aware that some old stuff is still missing until
I shift all stuff to the new server


recommended soundtrack

When I started out 3D there was a nice collection of stylised mech panel textured accompanied with the software wich unfortunately were bound to copyright laws. Now years later I think it would be a nice to give others a nice headstart by providing a small selection of similar images for free.


These are based on a small program I wrote a few years back wich I still find invaluable for creating these kind of textures (and some more complicated ones) wich I will release in future.
I did a substance version of the plugin a few years ago, might relase it sometimes in future

You are free to use them in any way you want. Crediting is welcomed, but is not obligated.




plugs download mm1