New website up
After a long time working with my own custom joomla version, I decided its time to give it a slight overall
(Especially for working with bigger resolutions

Please be aware that some old stuff is still missing until
I shift all stuff to the new server


Some basic nodes for LightWave 3D, wich can bee seen as an small enhancement currently I keep them up for
legacy issues.



takes an incommig vector and split it to three different vectors each having only one value filled RGB outputs R,0,0 / 0,G,0 / 0,0,B


(notice how the mixing results in a completly different image due to the rgb transformation.)

takes an incomming vector and splits it into 3 different scalar outputs


InvertCol, allows you to easily invert the color value. The first output connection clamps values below 0.0,
the second outputs the negative values. (former values above 1.0)


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