New website up
After a long time working with my own custom joomla version, I decided its time to give it a slight overall
(Especially for working with bigger resolutions

Please be aware that some old stuff is still missing until
I shift all stuff to the new server


Whatever I releasing it into the wild.

Back in 2006 I decided to stop having the "deer in the headlight syndrome" and start to model it through no matter what it costs.

Mesh Quality
This whole thing was done on a low cost windows 32 systemwith 3 gb of ram. So the mesh quality is rather "meh" for todays standards. Lot of elements could use a higher resolution / some additional beveling. There is also some parts in the mid section missing, where I could not find good reference stuff. Also looking back some stuff is quite bad

Only basic surfacing was applied at that time. Surface assignments are mostly setup at that time to support me in modeling.

I used Jim Crewelings images of his rebuild as a reference, there are some differences to the original model, especially in the "eye" section. So this might be the most inaccurate Galactica out there

This is the unmodified original 2006 lwo file wich was used for the gallery images.

Credit goes to Universal studio in general for their franchise (wich I'm not part of btw), please respect their ownership if you use this model
Also a big credit goes to Jim Creweling for for his rebuild and excellent reference photos
If you build upon this, you might credit me, wich would be a nice touch, but is not needed.

Have fun



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