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The hdr light dump #1 is a quick release of some hdri of lamps I've captured during the last few years. Either for texturing lighting and compositing. Although some can be used with a 360 projection, these are NOT hdri enviroments.
Most of these images are unedited. This has been done for two reasons: First it allows me to release the set quite cheap, and second it gives you the most creative freedom possible: Some like to have the outher glow of the images some not.
Since they are unedited, you also have to deal with noise and flare. I tried to minimize flaring by shooting some of the lights off center.

EDIT: Release 1.2 now features 2 smaller edited zip files (500px and 1000 px) wich are calibrated and edited towards lighting. (Tested in Leomoon Light Studio, where I have to reduce the default 2.0 brightness to 1.0 and lower). Use the 500 version for presets and replace them with the 1000 one if you need higher resolutions

Here is a list of lamps I do provide, and a test render of the unedited images. Depending on the renderer you need some high samples to get the image noise free. Activate Multible Importance Samping if possible for the objects. If you only got backdrop MIS, I recommend you to export the lighting setup as a panoramic backdrop image and use this instead for the final render.

Of course you are invited to experiment with the images  (change saturation hue, and the general exposure etc).

The preview render uses the unedited light images, with variing intensities. I didn't bother to calibrate these images, so a 30W LED might be even brighter than a 135 Watt fluorescent light. The Washing mashine testrender is an enviroment render.
All rendered using modo 10

The idea behind this project is to test waters if such a dump is actually self subtaineable / I can make some further investments in light types

All images are free to use for commercial and uncommercial projects, as long as you do not redistribute the images

You can buy them pretty cheap here. Since this website is uncommercial use the infrastructure on gumroad to contact me:

Fluorescent  Bulb 60 Watt

Warm light, also ideal as a texture base for diferent variations. Comes in two variations and a top view.


Fluorescent Bulb 40 Watt

Warm light, also ideal as a texture base for different variations. Needs higher exposures for lighting


LED Blue 1 and 3 Lights

Blue light, texture size is not that big. Ideal for lighting and texturing (spaceship engines)


LED Orange 30 Lights

Warm light, also ideal as a texture base.


LED 20 Lights

Blue light, again more usefull for texturing as for lighting.


Halogen 60 Watt

Warm light, unedited file needs high sampling for lighting, so its more suiteable for texturing and compositing. Comes in side and top view


Normal Light Bulb 60 Watt

Warm light, also ideal as a texture base for diferent variations.


Normal Light Bulb 60 Watt soft

Warm soft light,


Fluorescent Bulb 135 Watt

Neutral color ideal for lighting / texturing.


Umbrella Inside

Umbrella lighted by the 135 Watt bulb. nice even lighting with a highlight from the lamp. (If you don't want this, you can mirror the left side to the right).
All umbrella images are edited (cropped, black backdrop and removed some pixel errors)


Umbrella Outside

Again even lighting with a starshaped highlight.
All umbrella images are edited (cropped, black backdrop and removed some pixel errors)


Umbrella Natural

Unlit umbrella, capturing some natural lighting.
All umbrella images are edited (cropped, black backdrop and removed some pixel errors)



This was the most difficult hdri in the collection to capture. It needed the use of multible ND filters to get the full sun exposure. It does feature heavy noising and a center flare.
The idea behind this is, to use it to edit your existing clipped hdr background:
- Add the sun as a new layer.
- Adjust the position and size of the sun to the enviroment hdr.
- Adjust the brightness of the flares to match those of the background hdr
- Remove the sun and flares of the background or just paint everything but the sun from the sun layer.


Pool Light Experiment 1

More useable as a compositing backdrop and for enviroment rendering.  Second Image is an environment render.


Pool Light Experiment 2

More useable as a compositing backdrop and for enviroment rendering. Second Image is an environment render.
Washing mashine

Also used for enviroment lighting and rendering. Has some nice reflections going on.Second Image is an environment render.


Beautydish correct

Beautydish incorrect high

Beautydish incorrect low

Beautydish none
Beauty Dish

Beautydish correct Beautydish incorrect highBeautydish incorrect lowBeautydish none

Beauty dish with various configuration of the center dish



Bulb DIffusor


Spotlight with a bulb diffusor attached


LED Strip

Long KED light

LED Strip 

Long LED Lamp


Octagon 120 NoOutherDiffsor Innerdiffusor

Octagon 120 NoOutherDiffsor NoInnerdiffusor

Octagon 120 OutherDiffsor Innerdiffusor

Octagon 120 OutherDiffsor NoInnerdiffusor

Large Octagon

Octagon 120 NoOutherDiffsor InnerdiffusorOctagon 120 NoOutherDiffsor NoInnerdiffusorOctagon 120 OutherDiffsor InnerdiffusorOctagon 120 OutherDiffsor NoInnerdiffusor

Large octagon with vartious diffusors combinations


PracticalBar blue

PracticalBar both

PracticalBar orange

Practical LED Light

PracticalBar blue PracticalBar bothPracticalBar orange

BSmall battery powered LEW Strip with 3 color modes


RingLight NoDiffusor

RingLight OrangeDiffusor

RingLight WhiteDiffusor

Ring Light

RingLight NoDiffusor RingLight OrangeDiffusorRingLight WhiteDiffusor

Ringlight with and without diffusors


Spot Barnclosed

Spot Barndoor closed

Spot Barnclosed 

Spotlight with half closed barndoor


Spot LanternFront

Spot LanternSide


Spot LanternFront Spot LanternSide

Top and sideview of a photo diffusor lantern


Spot SoftCloth

Spotlight with cloth diffusor

Spot SoftCloth 

Standard Dish with cloth diffusor


Spot SpotDish

Spot SpotDish2

Spotlight with staandard dish

Spot SpotDish Spot SpotDish2

Two images of a spotlight with dish attached


Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor

Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombBig

Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombSmall

Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombSmall2
Barndoor with and without honeycomb

Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor Spot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombBigSpot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombSmallSpot SpotDish2 Barndoor HoneycombSmall2

Spotlight with barndoor / honeycomb diffusors