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This is an experimental fusion node plugin wich implements various tonemapper.
Currently it does tonemap each image individually, without considering the previous frames,
so flickering might occur. If this happens overide the max value or use a tonemapper wich
is not dependend on the whitepoint,

The plugin is very experimental, and needs some revisits

The plugin has the same 6 Tonemapper aviable as in sIBLedit:

Squeezes the values into the range 0.0 and 1.0.
param 1 is additional exposure, param 2 does nothing

The classic tonemapper param 1 is additional exposure, param 2 does nothing

Another classic tonemapper param 1 is additional exposure, param 2 changes the bias

Tonemapper developed by John Hable, param 1 is exposure param 2 is whtepoint shift
My goto tonemapper for dark environments

Hejl/ Burges-Dawson
Another tonemapper, unlike all the other tonemapper this one does not need a maximum value
to do its job. param 1 is additional exposure, param 2 does nothing,
Good if you want to avoid flickering in changing whitepoint sequences

Also a tonemapper without a maximum value, uses an array for mapping.
param 1 is additional exposure, param 2 changes the linReference
Good if you want to avoid flickering in changing whitepoint sequences

Own tonemapper, has a similar approach like Hable but uses a different method to
aproximate the curve. My goto method for bright environments.
Very hard to control.
Param 1 and param 2 are curve shaping and whitepoint shift modulators.

Gamma Squeeze
Using the gamma curve on the whole range and then squeezes the result into
the 0.0 to 1.0 range. Due to the fact that a gamma coaligns the individual rgb
curves more to each other the result is more desaturated

Own experimental tonemapper
Similat to gamma Squeeze, but using a more refined curve,
and tries to compensate the saturation loss by using the hue and saturation
of a secondary curve. A lot beter controlleable than ch5

Reinhard gammabefore
This started the gamma experiments it applies the gamma before the standard
reinhard tonemap.

Reinhard extended
Implementation of the Reinhard extended tonemapper

Reinhard Ched
Uses the Hue saturation of a standard Reinhard and applies a pregamma
Reinhard for the luminosity.

Other options:

Color Correct
Some tonemappers (whitepoint dependend) uses the individual maximum rgb values
and tonemaps them separately.  Can sometimes result in a more visual pleasing image
(Similar to Photoshops auto-color feature), does not have an impact if whitepoint is
the same on each 3 channels.

Overide Max
This paramter allows you to skip the whitepoijnt evaluation, and uses a user defined one.
Good for scenes where you could experience flickering due to the shifting whitepoint.
This parameter has now effect in Hijl and Duiker.

The 8.2 version has been compiled with a newer version of the visual studio, instead of the recommended one
if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to mail me

 If you find this plugin usefull you might consider a donation


- various new experimental, gamma releated tonemapper
- Reinhard extended


- plugin is now multithreaded
- fixes some possible problems with drago tonemap
- drago param1 values have been internally expanded for better control. And internal bias is now changeable with param2
- skip whitepoint evaluation when set to override max.

plugs download fu82 11


- Fixes some compilation problems with win 10

plugs download fu82 11


- Initial implementation
- If the image format is _not_ floating point, the plugin does nothing

plugs fusiontonemap download

plugs download fu82