New website up
After a long time working with my own custom joomla version, I decided its time to give it a slight overall
(Especially for working with bigger resolutions

Please be aware that some old stuff is still missing until
I shift all stuff to the new server


Back in 2008 I participated in a project with the guys at (read there for details) wich provided a easy setup for hdri environment lighting and rendering. Called smart IBL. At that time I developed an easy editor to import hdrs and create the sets of images more or less automatically.

MIS sampling and cheap memory has reduced the need for such a setup dramatically. Although I still see some potential for such a system, and I might expand it further some time in future if I find the time and have the financial backup to do so.

Bugfix release
This version completely revamps the north implementation, to follow more closely the sIBL standard

downloadwin32 downloadwin64

Bugfix release
This version fixes some problems with the config dialog.

downloadwin32 downloadwin64

Two new options have been added to correlate the multiplication value between plates and the sIBLmaps

Both images rendered with a different multiply value for the reflection and enviroment maps

sIBledit compares the luminosity of the plate with the same region it "covers" on the reflection map, to adjust the multiplication factor accordingly.

"Apply to Map" changes the reflection and enviroment map multiplication factor, while "Apply to Plate" changes the plate multiplication factor (better option for hdr plates).

Please note, both functions also depend on the correct gamma setting used by the maps.

downloadwin32 downloadwin64

sIBLedit main programming platform has now been switched to Windows 7 64bit.

Now it is possible to import and position background Images in sIBLedit, Allowing you to setup multible Plates for each of the sets
This feature is still work in progress, and certainly this will be further enhanced in future.
Currently the auto alignment has been deactivated, since the results are not in par to the efforts / Libraries needed to include

As you can see the panel has been designed to be pretty similar to the old light panel.

Filename: Opens the plate import dialog, see below for details

Thumbnail: Use this if you want to select a thumbnail image for itself

Pos U / Pos V: Similar to the light panel function.
Sets the position of a plate on the Background Plate

Roll: Sets the rotation of a plate

Horizontal Field of View: Practical speaking this is where you define the actual scale the plate has when projected on the background sphere.

Real Field of View: The actuall field of view of the lense / camera used.

Cam Height: The camera height according to the ground level

Multiply / Gamma: Sets the Multiply and Gamma vallues accordingly to the image. More advanced settings are comming soon.

Width / Height: Read only values of the image size stored.

Distance: Experimental Tag, usually the focus distance

You can also modify Position / Roll and HFoV by mouse using the button top left to the thumbnail display.

Similar to the lights manual positioning, you can drag the plate image with the mouse, by hitting the mouse move icon on each of the plate panels

Position Plate

Rotate Plate

Adjust Plate HFOV

Zoom View

Left click will move, right click will change the fov, and alt-right clicking will change the rotation of the plate.
Use the mouse wheel for zoom into the view.

By default the programm will automatically create a thumbnail with the full size plate.
After Hitting ok, it will try to read the Hfov from the exif tag inside the jpg.

The Browser does now support different directories
This feature will be expanded in the next version. The first directory entry is currently used for
all other operations (generating sIBL from hdr etc)

When projection type is set to object, sIBLedit allows you to import or generate an hemispherical enviroment used to map your image.By clicking the icon, you can access the object generator.

Slide Horizont allows you to match the image and the objects horizont. Usually you want to put the image horizont slightly above the actual object horizont.
Bulge Ground shifts the object ground divisions to compensate any perspective distortions.
Perspective Scale scales the uv map of the ground to compensate perspective scaling.
View Height Sets the camera display view height.
sIBLedit outputs the object and a mtl file into the sIBL folder.

The preview tag has been implemented. The import dialog does feature an option to generate it automatically
Currently to display the preview image inside sIBLedit, press the icon button twice.
A function to reedit your sets will be implemented soon.

Now by default sIBL "make sIBL from hdr" uses a default gamma target value when
generating the sIBLset from a hdr. Synchronising the tonemapper gamma correction with the enviroment
and reflection gamma settings of the freshly imported sIBL file.

If you do use a different tonemap gamma setting the import dialog will ask if you do want
to use this one instead.

The tonemap operators have been given a hudge overhaul during this release. Some of those have
an accented option wich do actually result in a color shift, (wich in most cases might be more
visual please) in case you use one of those, it is recomended to use the remap tone option afterwards
please read more about this under the next section.

accented tonemapping
some of the tonemappers have been enhanced to feature "accentuated" or color corrected
tonemapping. It is recomended to do a tone remapping after using one of these operators.

linear has been renamed to straight, parameter 1 and 2 are now gamma and brightness

straight L
Straight L is similar to straight, except that it does only apply its changes to the luminosity channel.
Preventing unwanted color and saturation shifting, essential to fit a sIBL sets to non-linear-color
or in a linear-luminosity-rendering enviroment.

Hable / Accented Hable
John Hable gave his permission to implement his beautyfull tmo.
Since its quite flexible it is now the default tonemapper inside sIBLedit.

ch5 accented
inhouse tonemapper wich was developed in case I didn't get the permission to implement Hable.
In no way it is as powerfull as all the other tonemapping implementations. It also tries to break the
paradigm to tonemap all the pixels in the visual range between all 8bit pixels.
Good results can be archived with values between 0.01 and 2 for the first and 1 to 3 for the third

The new Tone Hdr function is aviable in the bg import tab if the image does
have the same size as the original hdr. It copies the hue and / or saturation values of your
background to the hdr. This function has been implemented to cope with the color shifting of the
accented tonemappers / allows you to synchronise the color corrections you have done in your
external application to be reapplied to the hdr to rematch rendering.

This Option assumes that the original hdr is in linear space and the bgimage is in the same space
as the sIBL gamma option displays.

More than a dozend bugs have been fixed in this release.

slider improvements

Alt clicking the Shift U / Shift V sliders will change all three maps (bg, env, ref) at the same time.
The same behaviour has been also integrated to the multiply and gamma sliders.