New website up
After a long time working with my own custom joomla version, I decided its time to give it a slight overall
(Especially for working with bigger resolutions

Please be aware that some old stuff is still missing until
I shift all stuff to the new server


Sometimes I'm releasing various content for free, this is the section for it.

Three reference files of the revamped lightsmith format.

Making of of the first infrared panroma I did.
A list of gears / soft and failures

Some kind of a review / some tryouts of Ulanzis FM01 Filmog

Wish you all a Merry CHristmas 2023 and a happy new year 2024 !!

Model release of a scan of a sheet of bubblewrap

My custom trackers / coasters arrived

Quick 1.5 day project, to fix my greenscren backdrop

Model release of a scan of an african pod

Model release of prototype Arduino case.
Designed for fast printing not beauty.

Model release of my 3d shoe scan / retopo one day project

3 scans of original egyp papyrus rolls

Model release of my Retopology training I did with a own photogrametry scenned model

Due to current events this is my interpretation of the virus (download included)

Second commercial release of various hdr images of some common lights

Experimental commercial release of various hdr images of some common lights

During my printing experiments I designed some stuff for my microscopy hobby.

Releasing my 2006 model of the original Galactica

Second workflow test I discovered while playing with the smart coloring option in krita and transfer it to blender. Still wip

Workflow test I allways wanted to make: real life sculpt and transfer it to a rigged mesh

First relese of mech panels I've created several years ago. free to use

Conversion of a blender tutorial by Aidy Burrows to LightWave Scene file included